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Packshot Product Anti Frizz TecniArt

13.90 € Recommended salon price



Fix Anti-Frizz

TECNI.ART | 250 & 400 ml

  • Fixing

  • Frizz control

Anti-frizz hairspray


  • Hair prone to frizz
  • Hair full of static electricity


  • Strong fix
  • Anti-frizz
  • Anti-static
  • No residue
  • Shine
  • UV filter


  • The Ionic Neutralizing System provides anti-static protection and 24-hr anti-frizz action. Ensures enhanced shine through quick dry action without residue, and added UV filter.

Strong-hold anti-frizz fixing hairspray. An anti-humidity, anti-frizz protection spray which acts like a real anti-static barrier for unique and long-lasting anti-frizz protection, even in extreme climatic conditions.

Long-lasting strong hold and no residue.

Now available in a compressed hairspray format for an improved intensive professional use
: volume 2X smaller, lasts as long, same performance.
- Reduced environmental impact:
-54% gas, -47% solvents, -38% metal = 4 tons of metal saved per year
- Improved professional use:
2X less space needed in salon
Ergonomic lighter format with a new nozzle to reduce tension in the wrist

Still available in 250ml and 400ml classical formats

Frizz Control Silky TecniArt Hair Result Photo
Packshot Product Anti Frizz TecniArt


Fix Anti-Frizz

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