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How to treat hair loss ?

Female hair loss is far more common than most assume.

Female hair loss is far more common than most assume. Some might experience temporary hair loss during dramatic life events, or while going through hormonal changes. And others might notice their hair getting thinner with age in general. 

Thanks to his expertise, your hairdresser is able to detect the early warning signs of hair thinning such as reduced hair diameter, less visible hair, lack of bounce and vitality – and recommend the most adapted treatment.

How to stop hair loss_Treat hair loss

Factors of hair loss

Many scientific improvements have been made in the understanding of hair loss. For example, one does not lose hair overnight, it is simply that over time, or more prematurely, it grows more finely and in smaller and smaller quantities. 

Furthermore, a link has been established between the appearance of alopecia and the hair follicle connective tissue sheath becoming rigid. The hardening of this sheath slows the development of the hair follicle. Thus the hair lacks vigour and thins.

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