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How to get thicker hair ?

When it comes to thinning hair solutions, there are several hair remedies as well as hairstyles for thin hair which can make a big difference..

How to get thicker hair1

Professional advice

Thinning hair is generally caused by two factors: loss in hair density, that is to say less hair per cm2, and a smaller hair diameter. The time when hair starts thinning has many factors: family history, age, diet, stress, hormones or even lifestyle habits are part of the long list of factors. 

Technical expert in hair care, the L’Oréal Professionnel hairdresser can carry out an in-salon diagnosis to determine both the hair type and thinning hair causes, and recommend the tailored professional fuller hair treatment. The hairdresser is able to feel and see how thick and long the hair is both in terms of diameter and the quality of lengths and ends. He then checks hair root density and volume by gently running his fingers through the hair.

Haircare products for thin hair

What you should be looking for in a thickening shampoo or thinning hair products in general, are ingredients that will add density and body to your hair.

STEMOXYDINE is a patented molecule which has a maximized 5% concentration to re-densify and stimulate hair bulb activity.  

A product such as SERIOXYL has a true competitive edge as it contains STEMOXYDINE and offers a multi-targeted solution against thinning hair.

How to get thicker hair2

Cut your hair for a fuller effect

In addition to giving you the best haircare treatment for thin hair, your professional hairdresser can also have an impact  through hair cut. Cutting your hair in layers is often one of the best haircuts for thin hair.

This will create an illusion of volume and movement, instead of your normally thin hair laying straight and flat.

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