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Tone-on-tone haircolour

Ammonia Free



  • Applicable only if 70% of hair are white for a perfect coverage.


  • 6 weeks


  • Up to 1.5 levels.
  • Tailored intensity.
  • Results visible even on dark hair.


  • 20 min : depending on the service provided by your professional hairdresser total service time may vary.

Illuminates natural hair colour through its ammonia-free and tone-on-tone colouration process, for an ultra trendy result with a shiny reflective finish and very soft touch.

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The protocol for Color Crystallization

Maxime Rokitskiy Hairdresser Photo
Maxime Rokitskiy Hairdresser Photo

Maxime Rokitskiy

Top stylist of Salon Beauty Corner

Cristalceutic is one of my favorite services. I suggest it to all my clients after coloration. It preserves the radiance of color-treated hair, makes them glow and shiny.

Discover Cristalceutic in your salon

  1. 1


    in salon only 10 mn

    After color application wash hair with Soft Cleanser shampoo.

  2. 2


    in salon only 5 mn

    Squeeze the hair with a towel and apply the radiance protecting mask with the spatula, massage the hair and rinse after 5 minutes.

  3. 3


    in salon only 5 mn

    Spray the radiance protecting serum on all the hair, don’t rinse it, style as usual.

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Diarichesse Dia

Semi Permanent

Dia Richesse

Get a diagnosis for Dia Richesse at your nearest hairdresser

This product needs a hair diagnosis by a professional.

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