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Repairing Shampoo


  • Very damaged hair
  • Weakened hair


  • Strengthens
  • Repairs
  • Reconstructs
  • Protects


  • The inside part of the hair is left stronger, the fiber is repaired and its surface is protected from any aggression.

The Lipidium Complex

This L'Oréal Professionnel exclusitivity has been designed to target each part of the hair fiber according to its own level of damage.

Repairs and strengthens the weakened parts of the hair fiber.

Damaged and weakened hair is left instantly reconstructed and transformed from the inside out.

Repair Nutrition Absolute Repair Lipidium Hair Result Image


Step by step Repair Damaged hair

Serguei Riabinkine Hairdresser Photo
Serguei Riabinkine Hairdresser Photo

Serguei Ryabinkine

Director artistic of salon Dom Raspoutina

I see that hair quality is getting much better after a treatment with Primer Repair Absolut Repair Lipidium. Besides I like a lot the smell and texture of this haircare product.

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  1. Repair Damaged Hair Protocol Step 1 Image



    in salon only 5 mn

    Wash the hair with Absolut Repair Lipidium shampoo.

  2. Repair Damaged Hair Protocol Step 2 Image



    in salon only 10 mn

    Put the Primer Repair Lipidium strand by strand on towel dried hair.

  3. Repair Damaged Hair Protocol Step 3 Image



    in salon only 5 mn

    Without rinsing off Primer, apply Absolut Repair Lipidium mask, rinse after 1-2 minutes.

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Get a diagnosis for Shampoo at your nearest hairdresser

This product needs a hair diagnosis by a professional.

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