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Meet our new ambassadorAlexa Chung

International fashion designer, model, host and author, Alexa Chung is a true IT-Girl.

With 2.9 million followers (and counting!) on Instagram (@alexachung) as well as being named Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year, Alexa Chung proves that she a force to be reckoned with.

Although her true roots lie in London, Alexa embodies that timeless "French Girl" je ne sais quoi.

So what does it take to be a French girl? The ultimate French girl is comfortable in her own skin, but knows that a certain amount of effort goes into looking and being chic. She is casually elegant, relaxed, and feels that less is more.

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The Parisian Nudes collection offers a variety of 20 different hair color shades, ranging from soft beige to intense brown. These multi-dimensional shades are perfect for natural look seekers and can be easily personalized.


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