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Silver Star

Supernova Root Smudge

Striking dark metallic roots that are smudged to melt into softer gradients of colour. 

The use of, Silver Star, a silver hair shade from the new ‘Metals by Majirel’ range, can achieve a beautifully polished finish for this on-trend look.  This look is easy to dial up or dial down to achieve a shiny upgrade to propel your colour to a new, and even glossier, level.

Whether you want to stay light and go for a silver blonde tone, or go to the dark side with sultry, ashier hues, Silver Star achieves a lusciously polished finish to let your high-shine tones gleam.


.11 Silver Star (Deep Ash) – For a pastel grey look or an on-trend ash colour

.12 Crystal Ash (Ash Iridescent) – For a fashionable result with a sophisticated iridescent blend

.13 Ash Gold (Ash Golden)  – For a desirable champagne blonde

.21 Pink Ash (Iridescent Ash) – For a beautifully soft pink result, a mix of ash and iridescent

.22 Hi-Lilac (Deep Iridescent) – For a neutralising yellow and leaving a balanced iridescent hue.

Majirel Metallics

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