Now, Time will never be a constraint to get fabulous highlights!


Step-by-Step One style fits all

Charbel Doumit

Hairdresser to the stars

Charbel Doumit is the founder of HAIRWAVES Beauty Centre. He is a master hair stylist who has never believed “one style fits all” perception. HAIRWAVES is a glowing testimony of his personal taste, professional experience, and work ethics. Charbel’s vision is to make HAIRWAVES a sanctuary where clients can stay gratified and be themselves. He believes an impeccable salon experience which is inviting and empowering would help to get his work done perfectly.

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Instant Highlights

L’Oréal Professionnel introduces the new revolutionary innovation, Instant Highlights. Now customers do not need to spend hours in the salon to get highlights. L’Oréal’s first PRO HEAT lightening system is designed to give up to six levels of lift, in half the time. The answer lies in its PRO HEAT technology. The three-part system includes the Instant Highlights Heating Iron, Instant Highlights Lightening Cream and Instant Highlights Aluminum Foil. Once used together, they work ‘instantly’ to lighten the hair in a controlled and safe way. Now, Time will never be a constraint to get fabulous highlights!  

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